At our fixtures on Saturday November 20th vs Halesowen Town and December 4th vs Sporting Khalsa we shall have a collection point set up for donations towards Cambridgeshire Volunteer Bikers. They are seeking packs/tins of biscuits and mince pies and we hope that you are willing and able to assist with this request to donate. 


There are a large number of senior citizens and disabled young adults who reside in assisted care facilities across the county, many of whom unfortunately do not see many visitors. The idea of the bikers is to visit these facilities adorned in the Red and White dress of Father Christmas and bring some festive spirit to those that they encounter. They also visit many of our emergency service workers be it police, fire or ambulance services as a token to show their appreciation for the hard work they have endured throughout the year.   

These trips have been carried out for number of years as have those that are completed by the group over Remembrance weekend, and have involvement from Histon resident Andrew Boylett who says “We’ve been doing it for a few years as we felt the care homes often got forgotten about over Christmas. It’s all fine in our own time and own fuel costs. First year we bought all the mince pies and biscuits then people started with donations which is so helpful” 

Any donations would be greatly accepted! There shall be a table just inside the turnstiles for you to drop off your goods at both fixtures! 

See below links to CVB’s social media pages.



Cambridgeshire Volunteer Bikers | Facebook

Cambridgeshire Volunteer Bikers (@cambsvolbikers) / Twitter


Thank you in advance for your generosity Stutes!