• Play men’s, ladies and youth football at the highest levels we can sustain.
  • Control our income and expenditure so that gate receipts, sponsorship, commercial and community activities cover our costs and give us scope to grow.
  • Provide the best possible experience for our fans, sponsors, players, staff, volunteers and all associated with the club.
  • Enhance the development of young players as a main source of our recruitment to first team football and reestablish our Scholarship scheme.
  • Encourage diversity in all aspects of the club’s operation ensuring that women, BAME players and fans and the disabled are all properly represented and recognised.
  • Improve community support for the club and increase the participation of local volunteers.
  • Participate actively in the Histon and Impington community.
  • Manage all aspects of our club in accordance with business, financial and administrative best practice.
  • Improve our communications inside and outside the club.
  • Introduce a 3G football turf pitch and improved facilities at Bridge Road provided that these can be funded and maitained in a sustainable way.


July 2020.