Histon Football Club is delighted to announce that Matt Payne is to assume the Head of Youth role at Bridge Road for the forthcoming 2022/23 season.
The board of directors have had many discussions with some strong candidates for the Head of Youth role, but it was felt that at this moment in time a number of these were not able to fully commit to the role.  With this in mind, it was important to prioritise continuity, so it has been agreed that Payne will continue with the Head of Youth role for the 2022 / 23 season.  This will enable more time for the club to continue discussions with how this role may change and/0r expand in 12 months’ time.  Some candidates have said they would like to explore the possibility of taking on the role from the following season, when their respective commitments change, and will potentially work alongside Payne during the upcoming season.
On his continued work within the youth system, Payne had to say; “I really enjoyed my time in the interim Head of Youth Role for the last 3 months of the 2021 / 22 season and had the opportunity to see some of the talent coming through our youth teams at the club. I have no doubt that players from within the current youth teams will feature in our senior teams at the club in the future.  The coaches involved put in a lot of hard work, both on and off the pitch and I look forward to supporting/working with them, and their teams again for the 2022 – 23 season”.