• HFC Scarf

    HFC official scarf. Well, it's a scarf so wear it or wave it around on a match day!
  • HFC Mug

    There's never a wrong time for a cuppa, especially when you have an official HFC mug to drink it out of. This mug is also guaranteed to hold beer, wine or champagne and is portable enough to be taken to any function or family event at which the drinking of liquids may be required.
  • HFC Cap

    Specially designed for watching the Stutes home and away the official HFC Cap can also be worn at other times and is good for use either outdoors or indoors (but probably not when swimming to be fair).
  • A hat that's specially designed to be worn on the head with the added bonus of keeping you warm, all in an official HFC Beanie Hat kind of way.
  • In these difficult times you need to cover up so why not do it in HFC style with one of our face masks?