Hi everyone

I just want to start off by hoping that everyone is well and dealing with this lockdown to the best of their capabilities as it has been a tough month for a lot of us. Whether you are working or been furloughed, this month has taken away a lot of life’s luxuries and enjoyments, but we are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. As we commence the last week of lockdown we start changing our focus from “when will football be back” to “it’s not long until football is back.”

We approach December with a lot of fixtures, as always, over the Christmas and New Year spell, which can hopefully see us take the form we showed throughout October into the festive period.

I mentioned in the last newsletter that we’ve had a promising start to the season and I think it’s time to really knuckle down, while keeping our feet on the floor, and push on into 2021. We have some tough fixtures coming up and if we can plant ourselves firmly into the top five, and remain there until February, I feel we can really cement our name in this league. We have a nice run of home fixtures over the next two months, so it would be nice to regain some Home form, as I’ve mentioned before, by picking up as many points as possible.

We are still unsure as to what date in December our first game will be on but, whatever the date, I can assure fans that we will be ready and hungry to get started again. A “thank you” goes to all the fans who I’m sure we will see at the first game back. Both at home or away, the fans have been brilliant at supporting us and the club throughout this ‘odd’ year.

I know that many of you support us all year round through your membership of the SOS Club draw and that the income this provides has become even more important to the club this year. It really does make a difference to know that you are supporting us in this way and I would encourage anyone who is not a member to join up and help the club through this difficult time

Take care and see you all soon


Instructions on how to join the SOS Club and an application form can be found here.