We are having a maintenance weekend at the Club on 9th and 10th June and would be grateful of any help on these days.

We will be at the club each day from 10 am onwards, drinks and refreshments will be provided for the willing helpers

If you can join us at any time please give me a call/text and let me know who you are and what times you will be able to help with

A small list of potential jobs below – where there is already a name beside it, don’t let that put you off as they are more than a one person job, the more the merrier

Lynn – 07917 190148

  1. Repair top gate.
  2. Dug out floors to be cleaned and painted.
  3. Replace missing nuts and bolts in dug out seats.
  4. Painting – White fences around the pitch.
  5. Replacing/repairing/painting of pitch side advertising boards as required (Lance, Charlie and Mark Critoph volunteered)
  6. Painting – Dressing Rooms (Ian volunteered)
  7. Painting – Media Suite (Ian volunteered)
  8. Painting – Yellow Lines in Stands (Richard volunteered)
  9. Staining – Brown perimeter fencing (Richard volunteered)
  10. Seating – all need cleaning and removal of bird mess.
  11. Replace missing nuts and bolts in stand seats.
  12. Advertising Boards need washing.
  13. Hedges to be trimmed back – if you have any tools that will help you with this please bring along
  14. Railings to be painted and replaced as required
  15. Weeding and weed spraying as required.
  16. Remove any redundant sponsorship signs.
  17. Hosepipes and joiners required for Lynn’s Karcher pressure cleaner (need a few to link together to reach around the ground)