One of the wonders of the internet age is that almost anyone can be a Premier League football manager, albeit in the virtual world of fantasy football. Anyone can now match up their own knowledge and prowess as a virtual team manager against other would-be Jose Mourinho’s from around the world or just up the street.

From the start of the forthcoming season, the Official Fantasy Football League website will have a league set up exclusively for Histon fans. So, once you have set up your team of Premier League players you can choose to enter them into the official Histon FC Stutes League and compete for the Histon FC Fantasy Football League Championship.

For anyone not familiar with the concept of fantasy footie, it is an internet-based game which is free to enter. Start by signing up your squad from the latest list of players currently registered with English Premiership club, but be careful not to exceed the pre-set budget. Choose a formation in which your team will play and select a captain. Those players will then accumulate points based on their performances for their real life clubs as the season progresses. You can swap your players around after each game so as to extract the best from your squad and you can transfer out players who are not performing for you so as to raise funds for new signings. All the calculations are done for you by the Fantasy Football website.  All you need do is check your team’s performance from time to time and use your skill and knowledge of the English Premier league to your team’s advantage.

The website address at which to register is where you will find all the help you need to get started. The code number required to join the Histon FC Stutes League is 1294615-294779.  Depending on the performance of your team, you could be in the running for the Histon Manager of the Season award come next May, so watch your back, Lance!