We are pleased to announce that we have added another way to speed up access to the ground on match days. Supporters who have not entered the ground using their Season Ticket or pre-bought match ticket can now avoid a second queue once in the ground by logging their visit to the Bridge using the EvePass App. This app logs your visit to the stadium and keeps a record of it for 21 days after the event as required for Track & Trace purposes.

As a number of other clubs in our league are also using EvePass you can use it when you travel to an away game as well, just point your phone camera at the QR Code when you get to the ground and the visit is logged.

How does it work?

The Club has a QR Code that is specific to Bridge Road. On arrival at the ground supporters can scan the QR Code (this will be displayed inside the ground by the turnstile) using their smartphone camera. If it is the first time the user has scanned the EvePass QR Code then they will be prompted to enter their name, email address and phone number. Once this is done the system logs the visit.

After the initial signup (this can also be done before the first visit to the club) the user will not have to input their details again unless they change. Simply enter the stadium and scan the QR Code and we will not have to delay you any longer to take contact details.

What else do I need to know?

Once registered users can log their visits to numerous other venues where the EvePass logo is displayed. This includes bars, restaurants or any venue that is obliged to take contact details of visitors and don’t forget it can save you time when visiting away games too and make life easier for the home club to collect Track & Trace details for supporters of visiting clubs

Do I need to use this if I have a Season Ticket or a pre-bought match ticket?

No you don’t as we will already have your contact details on record. EvePass is simply an option for visitors to the ground who wish to pay by cash at the turnstile and will speed up their access to the stadium as they won’t be stopped by club staff in order to take down contact details.