Histon Football Club is again teaming up with our friends Linda and Herbie to send surplus sports clothing and equipment to a rural village in Africa. Following the dispatch last summer of several spare sets of Histon FC kit, the school children and young adults of Kerr Ardo school in Gambia have been able to participate in organized football matches in a way they could not do previously. The thanks and pictures we have received back from the village show just how grateful they are for the donation of equipment which they could not access themselves.

To build upon this link between Histon and Impington and Kerr Ardo, we are now asking if anyone has any spare sporting equipment for which they have no further use.  Perhaps you or your younger family members have grown out of last year’s trainers, or the trusted pair of boots that have served their owner for the past few years but now need to be replaced before next season.  Either way, our friends in Gambia would be immensely grateful to receive them.

And it is not just football kit that the village would be happy to receive. The opportunity to participate in other team sports such as cricket, rugby and hockey would be equally appreciated.

So, if you have any equipment which you would rather not send to landfill, please make a phone call to John Payne on 07591 187137 to arrange a drop-off at Histon FC’s Bridge Road ground. Your donation will enable young people in a deprived corner of Africa to enjoy the physical and educational benefits that sport can bring.