Open Forum: HSA Viewpoint
John Payne of the Histon Supporters Association reports on the Open Forum held yesterday evening:

Many of you will have been at the Open Forum at the ground yesterday, but for those of you who could not be there here are the edited highlights.

HFC Chairman Russell Hands explained that format of the meeting had to be altered from what was originally intended after Angelo Dama confirmed that he was leaving the Board on Monday.  Angelo was present at the meeting for a short while and it was explained that his reasons for stepping down were due to personal issues.

The Board wanted to continue their policy of being honest with fans about the financial situation at the club.  It was therefore announced that the club needed £6,000 as a matter of urgency in order to pay immediate costs plus a further £20,000 to see it through to the end of the season.  Individual donations, possibly in exchange for shares in the club was discussed.  But during the meeting, David Humm announced that a supporter who wished to remain anonymous had offered the Club a loan of the required amount, to be repaid over the next two years. The immediate requirement for funding had therefore been addressed (subject to acceptance of the loan), but the securing of funds to meet next season's requirements still required attention.

There was some concern amongst the players present that their wages were once again in jeopardy and that the manager was not aware of the current financial situation, but assurances were given by the Board that, given acceptance of the loan or securing alternative funds, all players will once again be paid on time this month.

Gordon Boateng explained that he has potential sponsorship for next season, but much of it was dependent on the club remaining at Step 2 in the BSB Conference North. The Board were also looking to add some new faces to their line-up and felt that the way forward was for the club's supporters to have representation on the Board. To this end, those present were invited to form a Supporters Trust to assist in the running of the football club.  After the meeting, eight fans came forward on the night to help in the formation of what is likely to be called the Histon Supporters Trust.

If you were unable to get to the meeting but would like to be involved in the setting up of the trust, please make yourself known to either Gordon Boateng, Howard in the club office or me at  The Trust will be made up of Histon supporters and will have a significant role to play in the running of the club.  It is hoped that it will be able to fill the void left by the sudden departure of Angelo Dama and, over time, generate the same level of income that Angelo so generously donated to the club.  It will be hard work, but is vital to the future of our football club.

-- John Payne

Thursday 29th March 2012