How do I Join the Academy?

Histon Academy is based at Hinchingbrooke School, Huntingdon, and is for boys aged 6-16. Training is on Tuesday and Thursday with games on either Saturday or Sunday. The exit route for most of our players is Histon FC's Scholarship Programme based at Bridge Road Stadium. Entry to the Academy is selective.

Our coaches and scouts are guided in their scouting by a set of criteria called TIPS: Technique, Intelligence, Personality and Speed. Our players also need to have a certain amount of genetic or athletic potential (size, strength, build) as well as good mental traits (readiness to learn, mental resilience, attitude, passion) and social skills (community spirit, discipline).

In today's world, and especially on the football pitch, the qualities of ambition, perseverance and mental resilience are more important than ever. That's why we place such a premium on discipline, organisation, mutual respect, good conduct, punctuality, teamwork and communication, as well as a healthy lifestyle and a capacity for self-criticism.

Trials are regularly advertised on the Histon FC Website. Anyone interested in arranging a trial outside these times should text the Academy Manager, Angus Meichan, on 07896 352523 or email him at leaving the following information:

  • Player's name
  • Player's date of birth
  • Player's school
  • Current club
  • Emergency mobile number
  • Email address for correspondence

Remember, Histon Academy is for boys aged 6-16 only (up to Year 11). Enquiries about Histon FC's Scholarship Programme (post 16) should be made to the Histon FC Club Office, 01223 237373 or by email to