About The Histon Academy

Histon Academy is a self-funded elite youth academy for boys aged 6-16 years. It is based at Hinchingbrooke School, Huntingdon, just off the A1/A14 interchange, providing easy access from north, south, east and west.

The purpose of Histon Academy is to attract the area's most talented young players and provide them with a technical and educational programme designed to produce football excellence in conjunction with personal development. At the end of their U16 season, most Academy players progress onto the Club's Scholarship Programme based at Glass World Stadium. Ultimately our aim is to produce as many players as possible who are capable of playing for Histon FC's First Team (and beyond) in order to keep Histon FC competing at the highest level possible.

This is not a lofty aspiration. Our Academy players make a major contribution to our professional team's ability to compete, both on the football pitch and in the market place. Ten of the last season's first team squad came through the Academy, there are players who were recruited from the Academy currently playing for West Bromwich Albion and Ipswich Town, and in February our youth team containing 13 ex-Academy players in its squad played Liverpool in the last 32 of the FA Youth Cup. We might be small, but we think big.

Our youth academy is founded on a systematic, long-term and above all individualised training programme that develops the whole player. In addition to their football training, we aim to help our players develop independence and integrity, and to teach them values such as discipline and team spirit. Youthful, dynamic, likeable, and successful: that's how we like our Academy players to be.

Histon Academy also has access to excellent training, changing and meeting facilities at Hinchingbrooke School near Huntingdon, where all our teams train and play. This makes for a high degree of identification with the Academy and good co-operation between coaches, players and parents, and allows players and coaches to develop the bonds of trust that are so important in youth coaching. It also ensures that our principles and football philosophy are internalised, demonstrated and constantly refined by the entire staff and players. The cafe at the training ground provides a good social space which also helps to create the feeling that Histon Academy is one big family.

We also try to cultivate an emotional connection between Histon FC and our young players. This includes wearing the Histon uniform at practices, matches and other public appearances, as well as opportunities to rub shoulders with the pros, and play at Bridge Road Stadium.

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